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Data Loggers : GP2

GP2 Data Logger :

The GP2 is a powerful 12 channel data logger that is easy to use, versatile, rugged and reliable. It can log most sensor types and accepts voltage, resistance, current, potentiometer, bridge, counter, frequency, and digital state inputs. Delta LINK software helps the user set up logging sequences and provides control over reading frequency, sensor type, thresholds, units and much more. All Delta-T sensors can be selected from a menu.


Analog Channels 12 differential inputs, configurable as a combination of:

  • Differential voltage channels (12 max)
  • Single-ended voltages (common ground, 24 max)
  • 2-wire resistances (24 max)
  • 3 wire resistances (12 max)
  • Bridge & potentiometric sensors (12 max)
  • Temperature sensors (12 max, 2-wire thermistors 24 max)

Temperature sensors


  • Thermistors (types 2k and 10k)
  • Thermocouples (types J, K and T)

Digital Channels

4 digital inputs configurable as a combination of:

  • Fast counters or frequency (30 kHz, 2 max)
  • Slow counters or frequency (100Hz, 2 max)
  • Digital state (logic level / open collector / switch closure, 4 max)