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The AM4115ZT Dino-Lite Edge delivers higher image quality with a state-of-the-art lens design, providing matchless image quality with stunning sharpness, less aberration, and less vignetting throughout the whole magnification range which is apparent in the whole Dino-Lite Edge Series. The freely adjustable polarizer helps to reveal more detail or to enhance the contrast on the surface by reducing or eliminating the reflections. This model also includes the adaptable cap design, which is a detachable and interchangeable front cap design used in the Dino-Lite Edge series aimed at satisfying various applications. Different caps have been developed for better adaptability for more applications. Simply removing the cap would yield more working distance which brings added convenience in the higher magnification range, or have better accessibility to the full range of magnification.

10x - 220x : Optical magnification power

Two-year warranty & free tech support : All Dino-Lite microscopes feature a two-year warranty and include free U.S. based tech support for the life of the product.


1280 × 1024 pixels :Capture in full detail with resolution up to 1280 × 1024 pixels

Polarizer : Built-in adjustable polarizer greatly reduces glare on reflective surfaces.


USB 2.0 :Simple setup

Language options : Software interface defaults to English and can be changed to any of 25 additional translations.

Windows and Mac : Fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac OS 10.5+ including 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Barcode reader : Software feature to use camera for reading from QR codes and over 20 other types of barcodes.

Annotate & Measure : Use simple tools to draw lines, shapes, and text annotations on the image. Calibrate and measure dimensions including lines, circles, and angles.

Many more : See the complete specifications below.