PRODUCTS - Haglof Sweden

Height, Distance & Inclination Measurement Systems

Haglof has a wide range of instruments that can measure height, distance & inclination. 


Laser Geo

High-precision laser rangefinder with built-in GPS and compass

Vertex Laser Geo

- All you need in a Rangefinder-Hypsometer!

Slope Corrector

NEW Custom DP DME Add-on Module & Slope Corrector System with Double Transponders!


Use the EC II-D to get fast and accurate results on inclination, distance and heights.


Use the EC II-R with factor gauge to measure inclination and heights. The EC II-R includes functions to calculate basal area and volume.

VL5 Vertex Laser

Leading instrument system-combo for your most efficient height, distance and inclination measuring. Great accuracy in all surroundings!

L5 Laser

L5 Laser: precision laser for heights, distances and angles with speed and accuracy

L5 Custom Pile

L5 Custom Pile offers a quick, easy and safe way to measure timber piles and wood chip heaps.

Vertex IV

Vertex IV - our best-selling instrument system for tree heights in the forest!

Postex Laser

Use the Postex® Laser system to determine coordinates and to position individual trees.


Walktax is the name of our classic thread distance measurer.


The HCH is a compact electronic height measuring instrument with built-in compass.


Use the blue C I to measure vertical angles with accuracy and speed in the terrain.

Xscape Area Calculator

Calculate asymmetric areas with the XScape ultrasound method.


The HCC is a Haglöf clinometer with built-in compass.